How We Operate

Jack in the Box is a registered Charity; the Pre-school is administered by a committee of parents and members of the community as well as the current manager of our preschool.

Being a part of our committee as a parent gives you an opportunity to be actively engaged with the preschool and meet other parents who are also involved. Generally we meet once a term to discuss the on goings of the nursery and highlight anything that has come up through that term. Occationally we may meet more often if there is something which needs to urgently discussed.

The committee is responsible for the finances and general running of the preschool.

In order for the Preschool to remain open, key roles need to be filled.

Chairman: Maira Burns

Treasurer: Kerry Bannister

Secretary: Keighley Stevens

As a committee member you can contribute as much as you have time for and attend meetings when you are available to do so (every effort is made to arrange a time and place suitable for everyone).

We are always looking for new members, please do not hesitate to ask our preschool manager for more information if you think this is something you’d like to be involved in.

All our committee members are DBS checked.

The committee is elected annually.


In order to keep fees as low as possible, the pre-school will hold a fundraising event when new equipment is needed or to make up any shortfalls in expenditure to meet the needs for its smooth running.

The committee is responsible for the fundraising.




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