Snack/Lunch times


Snack and lunch times are a sociable part of our routine and both are supervised closely.

Snack time is based on a rolling snack time between 10am – 11am.

The children can choose when they want to have their snack so they can finish whatever they are doing or playing with before coming to snack.

Children with special dietary needs will be catered for.

A choice of milk or water is provided to drink along with toast or crackers with butter or cheese, which the children spread themselves. They are also offered a fruit tray which has a selection to choose from.

Children staying for lunch as apart of their routine will be required to bring a packed lunch along with a drink.

We provide a ‘Healthy guide to packed lunches’ information sheet to all parents in order to promote healthy eating in their child’s lunch box.

If a child suffers from any allergies and stays for lunch, a formal request to parents will be sent to ensure that the particular food is not to be put into the children’s lunch boxes.

Healthy Guide to Packed Lunches (Microsoft Word Doc.)